Blog #3

For Blog #3: Type 2 summaries—one of your choice TED talk and the other of Southan.

Keep in mind that you are writing what “they” say.

Your choice TED talk and Southan do not neatly oppose one another. This is okay. We are going beyond compare and contrast. Your goal will be to find ways to connect these texts to make new ideas. After you have typed 2 summaries into your blog, take out a sheet of paper and choose one of the synthesizing methods we discussed in class and brainstorm connections between the texts. Remember, this can be messy. That’s okay! Feel free to doodle, scratch things out, write upside down.

Please post an image of your brainstorming session into your blog.

Finally, below your brainstorming image, begin to articulate what YOU say. This can be casual. Feel free to include any insight you gleaned from your brainstorming session. Did you settle on an opinion or a sentence that you plan to use in your paper? Did you find a connection between the two texts that you did not previously see?

Don’t forget to paste a link to your blog as a comment into the class blog!


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