Blog #1

  1. Please post an image of your annotated text into your blog. While you should photograph every page of your annotation, you need only post 2-3 pages into your blog. Please make sure that you save these images, as you may choose to showcase your annotations in your final Portfolio.


2.  After you have read and marked Southan’s text, please choose two places that you noticed (found interesting/connected with/remarked on) and expand your thoughts using the exploratory writing methods we discussed in class. In other words: choose at least two marginal comments that you make and “Follow The Thread.” You may choose to handwrite or type your exploratory writing. The important thing is that your brainstorming session is legible as it appears on your blog.


Remember to post your finished blog’s link as a comment on the class site (formatted BLOG 1: YOUR LINK) or you will not get credit for you work! Your class blogs should run around 200-300 words. (est. time: 45 minutes)  FOR HELP WITH INSERTING IMAGES, PLEASE VISIT: Help with Inserting Images into Posts and Pages 




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