Establish your Blog Assignment

*2 Due: Next class Worth: 5 homework points

Points-Appearance *2 Points-About Me Page *3 Points-First Blog Post *1 Point – Post link on time

Your blog will provide you with the hands-on opportunity to explore multimodal composition. Here, you can integrate image, sound, video, and links into your written text. I encourage you to take risks and experiment. You are working toward a basic understanding of how you can use media and design to influence your written text, and this understanding will inform your final, multimodal essay and reflective ePortfolio.

Your blog will also provide a place for you to showcase your evolving work and to interact with your peers as they showcase theirs. The digital space will most certainly provide you with other opportunities for learning as we will—together and in real time—explore how to use the internet to our advantage. We will explore new mediums and make new connections. The sky is the limit and I am interested and excited to learn alongside you.

Before we can really get to work, it is important for you to familiarize yourself with the space. Make it your own. If you are not familiar with WordPress, don’t worry, it’s not too complicated, but the best way to learn is to roll up your sleeves and get started. We will spend class time on this so that we can help one another. Please reach out and use your resources. We all come to the table with different skillsets, so if you don’t understand something, please ask.

Some Guidelines

1. Log on to ePortfolio site using UNEPortfolios email sent to your UNE email address. You may need to check your junk folder.

2. Change WordPress Password using the dropdown menu under “howdy, (your name),” select “edit my profile” and scroll to the bottom for the page. Click the “generate password” button and choose a password. Include at least 8 characters, one or more numbers and capital letters, and a special character.

3. Select a workable theme for your webpage out of the following choices: Lifestyle, Hemingway, Twenty Eleven, or University. Add a customized header image, and begin to “move into” your blog by making it your own.

4. Write your “About Me” Page— Your first static page could be an “About Me” page. If you don’t choose to host it here, please put it in your menu. As you write your “About Me” page, consider that you might want to refer a future professor or employer to this site. Strive for at least 200 words. You may include your major, your interests, your philosophy on learning. Where do you call home? What is your relationship with writing?

5. Test Post first blog assignment. You will post your first blog assignment here. Until then, try publishing a placeholder like: Future site of some brilliant reflection.

6. Post a link for your established page on the class website. You’re now officially moved in! Great work!


  1. eknell

    First impressions of the portfolio:

    When I first heard we were going to make these portfolios online I got scared. I’ve never been too tech-savy and expected this to be a mess trying to figure out. Well, I was wrong. Having the Digispace people come in and help us set us the sites made me realize it’s a lot easier than I expected. After class, I was playing around with headers, colors and different things and think it’s pretty cool to have my own little portfolio. I like that I can customize it to fit my personality and how everything is in one space. It makes finding my work easier then going into google docs and trying to search for it. Even though I was skeptical, I am now excited for this project and hope all goes smoothly going forward.The only challenge I think I’ll face is trying to meet the deadline of posting before midnight on Saturday. As long as I stay on top of my work though, I think I will be ok.
    Looking at my other classmates eportfolios, I really like Jonathan’s tagline quote ‘enjoy the ride, it’s not that serious.”. Also the header picture is really cool and eye catching.
    The link to his portfolio is here:

  2. ocigna

    This is my finished website:
    The process of using ePortfolio to create my own website has been very enjoyable. I am usually able to navigate technology pretty well and the ePortfolio application made it even easier. I like the idea of being able to have my own website that I can creatively customize to make it how I like. Also, I love the aspect of being able to express by ideas in a space that I designed. I have always wanted to create my own website with my own content and this is the perfect opportunity to get started. I like the visual elements on ePortfolio and how you can make the website look visually appealing. When reviewing my classmates’ blogs, I found a few visual elements that I liked in Elizabeth’s website ( and Jonathan’s website ( They both incorporated a header image that I thought positively added to the website. I can see that there may be a problem with organization on my website. I feel that the blog posts should be grouped into sections and separated or else it will look messy. I am still familiarizing myself with the tools of ePortfolio and I hope to gain more knowledge about it as I continue to use it!

  3. mremavich

    I am excited for the Portfolio experience. I believe that it gives us an opportunity to not only thrive in college but also expand our network for years to come. For example Olivia ( really made the most out of her first post. After reading her “About Me” section I really learned a lot about her and how committed she is to academics. When it comes to potential problems down to road the only thing I could see happening that would cause a lot of trouble is if the server that supports all the websites goes down. This would cause the students not being able to access their work and that just is not good for anyone at that point. I see a lot of potential from the whole idea, there is honestly no negative that can come out of this. It is important to expand your network because that’s how things happen in the world. It really helps knowing people in the right place. At the end of the day everyone wants a job where they can support a family and these ePortfolios are going to help us all achieve this goal in the long run.

  4. jcrocker5

    My first impression of the ePortfolio initiative is that I am quite excited about it. Having a place where I can document and collect my work throughout college seems like a really good way to stay organized and to be able to reflect on my progress as a student. I think this will be a very useful resource to have when applying for internships or jobs and when putting together a resume. I also like how easy it is to use the ePortfolio site. I especially like this site as an example. ( I like their use of the theme to display their posts and about me page.
    The only potential challenge I see is forgetting to post on time. For me, staying organized has not been a huge problem in the past but I know that if I forget to check due dates and assignments, I will forget to do them. I just have to take extra care to be vigilant about keeping my website up to date. Another problem that could arise is having on your site that are not meant to see your site. This problem probably isn’t very likely but it could lead to people using your work without your knowledge. Other than these problems, I think having an ePortfolio will be very beneficial.
    This is the link to my ePortfolio:

  5. tmcpartlin

    So far I really enjoy using the ePortfolio. One thing I like about it is that I am able to view my peers’ portfolios and learn a little bit more about them. I found out that Olivia lives in the next town over from me at home and I really like the quote that Jonathan used on his page. At first, I wasn’t really excited about using the ePortfolio because I know technology can be very temperamental and not always work which causes a lot of problems in terms of assignments that are due but it seems like if this website works then it will really come in handy and is easy to navigate. I am excited that we have the chance to see what our classmates think of different things too. I like the fact we are able to customize our own pages and make them a more of a personal thing. For my header I used a picture that I took of a natural pool in Aruba because it brings back memories when I was there and it was a really relaxing time. When I open up my website and instantly see that as my header I am automatically reminded of a peaceful place. The link to my portfolio is

  6. mmclaughlin10

    My website:

    At first I thought the ePortfolio was confusing and I didn’t know what we would use it for. After setting up my website and seeing that this could be used to keep all my work together, I realized how beneficial this actually is. If a future professor or employer wanted to view my work, they could refer to this website. I’m excited to use this in the future to keep an organized set up of my work. I like how it is designed too; I can create a look that is appealing to me and there are so many different options. I think that one of the challenges I will face is getting the assignments done and uploaded on time since it is due during the weekend. Another challenge may be just navigating everything correctly and finding where things are since I’m used to just google docs. I should be able to figure everything out eventually, It’s just that right now it is new to me. I really liked Elizabeth’s website because of the visual aspects and her About Me section was really put together as well.

  7. sdupont2

    My first impression on the ePortfolio is a very positive one! I think that the idea of having your own personal website is a great. The website is very easy to understand and makes for a place to express your thoughts and ideas. It is also set up in a way that makes it very helpful for staying organized and knowing where everything is. The website also seems like an excellent way to get to know a lot about our classmates. I really liked Jaimie Lynch’s portfolio The use of pictures that were incorporated throughout the post and the set up of the page. The fact that you are able to comment on other peoples pages is also a good way to bring the class together and have a conversation. I can’t wait to continue to use ePortfolio throughout this semester and get a better understanding on how to use it as we do more in class. I have never had to do anything like this before so it will be a great learning experience in the end either way. I hope as we keep using it I will be able to get more familiar with how everything works, but having the tech people come in and explain it was super helpful.

    The link to my ePortfolio:

  8. jpiller

    When I first heard that someone was going to come help us set up an ePortfolio page I did not know what to expect. After the presentation and getting the page all set up, I feel like I am very excited about what the future holds with this site. This site seems like a really cool way to keep all of my work in one place, and allow others to see it. This will be a really useful resource to be able to have in the future. I really like this sites ( set up. I like the theme and display of the page.
    I don’t really see any problems with this site. It is set up to help students succeed and achieve their goals for the future. I think that the site puts us in a great situation. The site will be able to help form new relationships and connections that we will need after school. I think that having the ePortfolio will be very helpful and I can’t wait to see what it will do for me.

  9. I had never heard of an “ePortfolio” until I got here. The thought is interesting but not surprising since everything seems to be going onto the web. I am not sure how well I will adjust to this public forum since I prefer a more private mode of work. I feel to some, or at least to me, this is slightly more intimidating than just handing in an open response. This is PUBLIC. This adds a pressure, you don’t want to put crummy or mistake-ridden work when everyone can see it. I am excited to try something new, the ability to create a site and design it to fit and look like your personality makes it more than just another project, it personalizes it to you. For example, some of my peers such as Erin ( and Ryan (, their sites already are starting to show their personality. I have a soft spot for expressing your personality in pictures, even if it’s just a background image at the top of the page, it can set the whole tone for the page instantly. Then when you add personalized quotes that show your motto and ethic it is one of the first things that starts us on the journey to getting to know who you are as a person. I’m not sure how having an ePortfolio will go but I suppose we will all see in due time.

  10. pfox1

    So far my first impressions with the Eportfolio are mediocre. I sort of see the reason why we are using this platform oppose to blackboard. These Eportfolios allow for some more customization we can really make the sites our own. As far as the sites application to use as resume I don’t see myself using it in that manner but other major may use it in a job application sort of way.
    The site runs pretty smooth and I could see myself using it for recreational blogs. The site seems nice but I am just skeptical because of how use to blackboard I am. I feel I would embrace the site more if I was actually convinced its usefulness extended outside of English 110.
    A good thing I do think the site will help provide is a community feel to the class. For example I agree with ( quote from the bible, and bqq chicken is may favorite pizza. Letting peers see others work will hopefully improve class discussion and our writing.

    Link to my site

  11. edupler

    My first impression of ePortfolio was that I was extremely excited to start building my website and potentially being able to build it into something amazing to reference for the future. I really appreciated the ease of the website building process, and how WordPress makes everything easy to access. It’s cool to be able to make your own website and showcase your own personality and uniqueness. I find it extremely easy to be able to edit and make the website your own, and hope everyone else has had the same experience I have had. I appreciated Erin’s site: ( because I feel she showcased her personality very well using pictures and text. I also enjoyed the main picture on Shilo’s site: ( and I too appreciated her love for pizza, as a fellow pizza lover. I don’t foresee there being any challenges unless someone just completely doesn’t get how to use their website. I think these websites will aid all of us in being successful and help us to keep important information organized throughout our academic years at UNE.

    Here is the link to my personal site:

  12. jlynch12

    My first impression of eportfolio was that it was an interesting way to learn more about people and there thoughts. I feel pretty confident in becoming more advanced with the technology required to keep the blog running. It seems to be the up and coming way to share information and articles faster and more widespread than writing on paper. I think it is a cool easy way for the whole class to read our work online as opposed to in class. One of my concerns with e portfolio is glitches and problems in technology. Sometimes it is out of our control if something does not work. For example, I tried clicking on Isabel’s link on the listed page and it said, “oops…page not found”. This as well as possible winter storms and power outages coming up that could all be issues when the time comes. Hopefully, we will not experience these issues and instead experience quick fixes. Lastly, I did like the easy access to other classmate’s pages. I found out more about other students that I may have not known without this blog.

    Here is the link to visit my page: (

    I hope you guys can have the same experience I did when visiting your pages!

  13. cbirch2

    I am actually pretty excited about this portfolio business. At first it seemed like it was going to be dreadful. It sounded tedious and something that wouldn’t be very interesting. After we went over the tools and what can be done with the program, it seems like a cool way to present school work. Just the thought that I could present my own podcast through a school website is incredibly amusing to me. I don’t forsee any problems that might come up in the near future. The site seems incredibly intuitive to the point where anything that I don’t know how to do, I am confident I can figure out on my own very easily. While looking at other people’s blogs, I enjoyed Liams ( because his layout was simple yet it got the job done. I also liked his dog a lot.

  14. syake

    My eportfolio is:

    I was a little confused about the process of creating my own portfolio website at first, but after the guests came to help us set up everything I was a lot more sure of the process, and was pretty excited after. This is a great outlet to share our works, show our individual styles and creativity. I really enjoyed the customization of it all too. On top of these reasons, it will be much easier to share our work with each other as a class, and it’ll be easy to make comments on our peers work. I am very excited to incorporate this into the class. For me personally, using technology in and out of class has always been pretty easy. I am usually able to figure things out on my own and this was something that came about pretty quickly for me with a little help from the guests. I am hesitant only by the fact that I don’t want this to replace more hands on learning in classrooms. I really enjoy the use we have with technology and how fortunate we are to be able to use everything, I just hope this doesn’t change what we’ve done for years. I am very much excited still though, and I can’t wait to see where my page goes.

  15. vkehoe

    I didn’t know what to think about eportfolio and the class blog. Sharing my work and having multiple people viewing my thoughts and ideas is something I didn’t really consider. Public speaking and sharing my thoughts out aloud to a class is something I struggled with throughout high school. Knowing that my peers can see and read the thoughts and opinions I have in some ways excites me and in others makes me nervous. I like the idea that the class is discussing things in a classroom setting and doing online work. Technology is becoming a very prevalent tool in society and exploring technology in this way in an English class is an interesting approach to learning. I like the idea of being able to personalize your blog and truly express and show what you are learning. When reviewing my peers blogs, I saw that everyone has a unique artistic eye and interesting pictures. One blog I particularly liked was Olivia’s blog. I liked her pictures of the flowers and the quote she added in her tag line. I also enjoyed how Emily added a bright colored font to her blog. Overall, I feel like over the semester I will enjoy using ePortfolio and viewing my peers blogs.  

    The link to my blog is:

  16. jlee47

    My ePortfolio:
    When first creating my ePortfolio, I was a little skeptical. I have never had an online portfolio or website and I felt that I would have a hard time working it; It sounded very complex. I also didn’t like the idea that all of my writing would be public. Once my ePortfolio website was set up, I began to feel more comfortable with it. It was fun to explore my website and make it personal to me. Although I really don’t like writing, my ePortfolio is a place where I can express my personality in ways other than writing (images, design, quotes, etc.). Navigating the website still confuses me a little, but I think I will get used to it quickly. In the beginning, it may be challenging to figure out how to use the website to its full potential and assignments may take longer, but eventually it will probably be really simple.
    Its cool to see other students websites. One that I found interesting was . Her layout, font, and cover image is very aesthetically pleasing. I also like the quote she put in her tagline and her title is unique.

  17. tmara1

    My ePortfolio:
    When we were first learning about ePortfolio in class I was a little nervous. I’m usually not very skilled in things relating to technology but ePortfolio is actually super easy to navigate! Everything seemed really simple and I wasn’t confused as far as how to create my own site. I have heard of blogging websites before but they always sounded very complex and I always veered away from them because they personally didn’t appeal to me. So naturally when I heard we would be doing something similar in class, I was a little frightened. But thankfully everything worked out really well and I really enjoyed viewing different students blogs. I especially liked the design of Jamie’s blog and thought her pictures were really nice (specifically the mac and cheese). I am definitely excited about this initiative mainly because I think the blogging process allows us all to share in a way that doesn’t make people as uncomfortable as talking in front of a class might. I think the ePortfolio initiative is very unique and creates an environment that is comfortable, aesthetic, and personal to all of its users.

  18. imylonas

    Here is my finished blog:
    I honestly have never heard of “ePortfolio” but after experiencing it and actually getting to work with it I think it was cool. I had ups and downs with it. I’ve never been really good with technology but I feel like this website made it easier to understand. Some things got lost in the process or I couldn’t figure out how to place certain things in certain places but there are many resources to help you with any problem. I found that extremely helpful, and also the website is very organized so navigating your way around became simple. I really liked the fact that this portfolio was my own and I could customize it to represent my personality. I also looked at many different portfolios and I believe everyones came out great and it really showed their own personality. One of the blogs I really enjoyed was Christinas. We chose the same type of photo which I found funny and also I like the way she set things up. I think it looks really pretty and it defiantly shows her personality.
    This is her link:

  19. nvickers

    When I first learned about ePortfolio, I thought it could be a good idea. It seems, afterall, classrooms are trying to be multi-mediated in these times. I thought it could be a cool idea because it would be neat to see my ePortfolio grow over the years and show my progress in college. I plan on studying abroad sometime during Sophomore and/or Junior year so I thought this could be a great way to show of those experiences once I get there. I think overall I’m welcoming to using this, and because it’ll be a side thing over the course of a long time it doesn’t seem as intimidating as it could be.
    A profile that I liked was the picture at the top was welcoming and made me want to keep looking into it.

  20. sgrennell

    My first impression of the website eportfolio was good. I normally hate using websites in school because I’m not really good at technology other than my phone. I tend to always end up losing my work; however on this website that is nearly impossible to do because of how organized eportfolio is. I love the fact that we get our own websites where we can be creative and use our own pictures and add our own little twists to the website to really make it feel like ours. This is also a good way to interact and communicate with our peers by being able to comment and give feedback to each other. I really liked website because I liked the header image she used and the colors she used for her text on her website. The use of colors is significant to me because it really draws people in and makes people interested in going onto their websites. I’m excited to get to use eportfolio more and learn all the other cool tricks into making our own website. Its pretty simple to use and I just absolutely love the idea of adding our own personalities into a website. The women that came in to help made it easy to understand. They made it quick and simple even when explaining how to make a website sounds difficult they made it easy. I cant wait to continue perfecting our websites. Thank you for the opportunity to do this.

    my eportfolio:

  21. ldarcy

    My first impressions of the ePortfolio have been good. It seems relatively easy to use and looks really nice. I have often read blogs on the internet so it is cool to see what goes on behind the scenes of making one, as well as actually having my own. This project does excite me. It is a place where you can keep all of your work nice and organized. I like how you can add your own pictures and customize it with whatever colors you want. I find this cool because it allows each of ours will be uniquely different. I have never had my own blog or website before so I foresee some challenges there with creating it, although it seems fairly straightforward. I am not normally too good with using technology so I am hoping I get the hang of it quickly. The internet is a problem that I see because now all of my stuff will be public to the internet so anyone can see it. I enjoyed looking at everyone’s portfolios and seeing what everyone else decided to do with theirs. It was cool to see how different they all were. I liked how Emily Dupler ( organized hers. I thought it looked really nice and she did a good job of incorporating pictures.

  22. ryan sheahan

    this is my finished website:
    as we started the English 110 class I was nervous to hear that we were going to be creating portfolios and blogs. as I began the assignment it was unclear until I dove deeper into the assignment and began understanding the aspects of word press to accomplish my first blog. I hadn’t expected to write about my life in the first blog but it wasn’t had to tell you where I came from and what I liked and didn’t like. I love the aspects of customization that allow you to add pictures and website links. it was very interesting to see everyones blogs and how the customized there first blog. everyone is different and these blogs do show this very well

  23. ecote4

    My first impression of Eportfolio is that it is going very confusing to use. I am not very good with technology so I find it very confusing. I do like how you can make it your own and personalize it. It took me a while to figure out the look that I wanted for my page but I just started playing around with everything and it just came together. A personalized portfolio that I appreciated was I think I will eventually learn to enjoy using my portfolio but as of right now I find it very confusing. Making sure it looks good and professional is important to me since anyone can see it including future employers. I hope that it helps me organize my work and really display my strengths in a professional way.
    My EPortfolio is

  24. Mary-Katherine Alger

    My first impression of the eportfolios is that they could be very useful, if used well. In addition to just being used for this English class, these sites could also be used for all of a student’s academic and extracurricular work. as far as I know, UNE doesn’t provide another resource to compiling academic work, so this could be incredible for students looking to show off that work. I really like that we have been given free reign to make our sites, since we are the ones that are going to be using them. Considering the freedom I’m given, I am also a little daunted by the whole process of designing and creating a website, as that’s something I’ve never done before. I am worried that I may create something ugly or hard to navigate, but WordPress seems simple to use, so I might have to try to mess it up. However, my classmates seem to be doing fine making their sites aesthetically pleasing and functional, so I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually. In particular, Tehya Casey’s site looks really good. ( I’ve been inspired by her and my other peers sites to make a unique site design. I’m excited just to mess around with the site creator and see what I can make.

  25. ebox

    I am excited to see the growth that the EPortfolio brings me. I had a website junior and senior year in high school for my independent study class where I would put all of my work along with a weekly report, so I am semi familiar with the concept of the website. I think that this website will allow me to have a great viewpoint of the changes in quality and rigor of work I attain throughout college. I am really glad to have gotten to have the website explained to us during class because I am not familiar with WordPress. From what I can see, WordPress will be a very good platform for my website because of the multitude of options it provides on customization, personalization, and organization of the website. After going on my classmates’ websites, I thought it was cool to see the different uses of the same template I used. For example, Taylor ( and Victoria ( have the same template as me, but we will each use it completely differnetly. Also I loved the color coordination between the flowers and the words that Olivia ( used. I want to make my website as coordinated has hers is. The one challenge I can see occurring in this website is making sure that I do not miss putting anything on the website, but if I stay organized, this should not be a problem. Through the rest of my use of this website, I hope it serves a great purpose!
    This is the link to my website.

  26. vbowler

    My ePortfolio link:

    My first impression of the ePortfolio was a very skeptical one. I have never been the best at creative writing or writing things quickly, so I am a little intimidated by the initiative. I like the structure that comes along with writing formal essays so one potential challenge I might face with writing a blog could be the lack of structure. Some other things that could be a challenge are that I tend to have a lot to say and may have unique points of views that could be hard to understand over the internet. I will need to learn how to be more concise with my ideas and writings. However, I am excited to learn how to make a blog because the world is constantly being changed by technology. Who knows, maybe one day we will all have blogs, no matter what profession. Hopefully, our ePortfolios will be a great resource for our futures. As someone who is going into a health career, it may be helpful to have a creative outlet, instead of always being so rigid. One creative profile that I really appreciated was Christina’s ( I love the aesthetic of her blog and the fact that her header image matches the quote she picked! As I explored my peer’s blogs, it made me more excited to start our online conversation.

  27. My first impression with the ePortfolio was that I have a spot just to post whatever. It is cool that we are doing something away from social media and creating something of our own. we have no restrictions on what to put of or what not to (besides just posting regularly). I had a class my freshmen year and it was about making blogs and posting them online. This is a whole new experience though because I get to design the page as I want and it seems like a cool idea. I am not a huge writer, but I am excited to dive into a new experience and learn! I like how we can add a picture and it can range from your interests, to a picture of you, or a pretty picture you take. I was at first confused and didn’t know how this would work, but the lady that came in and explained it to us made things very easy and exciting. I liked Ryan’s ePortfolio ( because of his cool background and the set up of his theme.

    My ePortfolio:

  28. Syris Hackett

    I am very excited about this assignment. I love the idea of having a place to showcase not only the work from this class but being able to incorporate work from other classes into the website for professional use. If kept up to date, this could serve as a useful tool for study or research options in the future, possibly even going into grad/medical schools. Hopefully, the quality of the work I produce at the along and at the end of my 4 years at the University of New England will be placed here for said entities to see. Potential issues I foresee with the website is the servers and other technological issues. Already I had HTTP error when attempting to add photos to my gallery, so moving forward I hope some of these issues are addressed.

    I found many of the e-portfolios to be very chic and new age (ex. While I enjoy the look of them, for my personal tastes that a more simplistic and easy to digest look is more my style. In the past, I have worked with making UIs for a number of things and the best are usually kept fairly simple to look at and use with the least amount of visual clutter. There are more things I would like to do with my portfolio as time goes on (and more as it grows in the next few years), but for now here is mine: Once again I look forward to seeing this project through to the end and beyond!

  29. Taylor

    My first impression of eportfolio has been good, I am not very good with technology, but it seems like it won’t be to hard to navigate. I hope as I keep playing with it, I will learn a lot more. I feel like the biggest challenge for me will be keeping on top of posting things on time. It was pretty neat to look at my classmates websites and see how they personalized their own websites. One that really stuck out to me was Emily’s: I really like the picture she used, as well as the color scheme. The pink just sort of popped, and was an exciting color.

  30. tziccardi1

    My first thought when required to make an online portfolio was that it clearly wasn’t my cup of tea. I tend to be more conservative about technology, and doing my work and establishing more of a presence online is not exactly something I am excited about. That being said, I understand and appreciate the pros of having this system, and in time, I will get used to it and have more and more fun with my classmates through this system. Looking at the other people in this class, I love the enthusiasm and the various pictures of their animals. I especially like Jamie’s chickens because chickens are adorable and I’ve always wanted some. Here’s my link:

  31. ireis

    My website:

    So far, using ePortfolio has proved to be easier than it appears. Once I took time to figure out how to customize aspects of my page, I was able to make it my own. I strive to use it as an accurate representation of my opinions, beliefs, and lifestyle. I can’t wait to explore blogging even deeper and utilize the open-ended writing style that it provides. Looking through my peers’ blogs gains a better understanding of who they are and how they go about their life. I enjoy Jaimie’s blog ( because of her ocean background she chose and her multiple pictures of her pets in her about me page.

  32. dperreault1

    Blog Inspiration:

    Much of what I know about blogging is unknown. When I was younger, I had to create a blog for one of my classes and I remember not knowing how to use it. It was frustrating because I wanted to be good at it and enjoy it like others did. Now being given another chance, I am very excited to redirect my thinking about blog posts. Blogging seems like a very fun way to express my thoughts while being relaxed and enjoying my time. Writing has not always been a strength of mine, so I’m hoping that this will help me to become the writer I have always wanted to be. I do believe that some things will be difficult to navigate on the blog page because I am not tech savvy. It is difficult for me to do things online, however, I can manage them pretty well. Although it may take me a little while to figure things out, I am super excited to start this new process and incorporate my learning into a blog page. I love being able to decorate and design a page about myself, for myself. It helps me express who I am and lets people in on some of my thoughts. I am very excited to start this new journey! I really enjoy looking at Jamie’s page because I love that she set it up. It looks very professional and pretty.

    My blog page is:

    I really apologize for my three blog posts. I was a little confused.

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