Blog #2

Before rereading Southan’s essay, visit the Effective Altruism website: and spend some time looking around. Notice how you react to the website. Think: does this visit influence how you think about Southan’s essay? How?

Now, reread Southan’s essay. Use a different color pen or pencil to layer your active reading notes, one on the other.

For Blog #2, compare your second reading experience with your first. Did you notice something new? Did you react differently to one of the author’s claims? Did you read something critically when, at first, you read it as a believer or vice versa? Finally, and most importantly, did “decoding the text” help you better understand a passage? If so, which, and to what extent? In your explanation, please include a hyperlink to at least one resource you used to “decode the text.” Remember, you don’t need to be too particular about your source. Feel free to use Wikipedia or the You aren’t conducting research, just trying to clarify a reference or term that you can’t initially place.  Don’t forget to copy your link as comment onto class blog. (est. time: 60-90 minutes)


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