Blog #4

Blog #4: Using one of the strategies discussed in your reading (Emerging), begin to brainstorm the connections between your choice TED talk and Rhys Southan’s “Is Art a Waste of Time?” Remember, this can be messy. That’s okay! Feel free to doodle, scratch things out, write upside down. Post an image of your brainstorming session into your blog. Finally, below your brainstorming image, begin to articulate what YOU have to say about art. Is it a waste of time? Feel free to include any insight you gleaned from your brainstorming session. Did you settle on an opinion or a sentence that you plan to use in your paper? Did you find a connection between the two texts that you did not previously see? Don’t forget to paste a link to your blog as a comment on the class blog. (est. time: 60 minutes)


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