Blog #9

Print, read, and annotate “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education” By Yo Yo Ma (Please bring to class on Thursday)

Revisit your notes on active reading and understanding context and do your best to describe each of the three contexts we’ve discussed in class. 1) What is the surrounding context for this essay? Where and when was it first published? Who wrote the essay, and what do you notice about the author’s bio? 2) What is the imposed context? What circumstances surround your personal reading experience? What is your purpose for reading this text? 3) Describe the intentional context. What is the rhetorical situation? What is the scope? What is the “so what?” Finally, please choose three unfamiliar words or references to look up. Define or explain these terms in your blog and how Ma uses them in his argument.


  1. Jack Piller

    This essay is written by YO-YO Ma, a songwriter has won over seventeen grammies. Ma has also won the World Economic Forum’s Crystal Award, the National Medal of Arts, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The purpose of reading this article is to learn how art and science together can help create a more global culture and world. I also think that he wrote this to show how art has helped him in his life and how it can help us face our problems head on. I find that I never heard about Ma before reading this article and the ideas and examples that he uses in his article I feel like I can relate them to my life. The rhetorical situation and scope are Ma thinks that art should be more involved in learning.

    1. Lewd: sexually unchaste or licentious
    2. Bandwidth: This is the range of frequencies within a given band
    3. Empathetic- Being able to show and understand feelings of your own and others

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