Blog #10

Read Chapter 6 From They Say/I Say “Skeptics May Object” (p 78- 90)

Listen to the audio, here: Or here:

Blog #10: For this blog, we are going to practice reading against the grain. Imagine that you think teaching the arts lumped in with science, engineering, and math is an inefficient and/or unrealistic idea, and you are writing a paper that argues just that.

For your paper, you need a NAYSAYER to strengthen your argument, and Yo Yo Ma is your guy. You are going to use him to draft a Naysayer paragraph. Use the advice from your They Say/I Say reading as a guide. Remember, these blogs count as preliminary writing. Don’t sweat perfecting your sentences. Do your best, and make these assignments work toward your learning.

Remember the naysayer rules:

Be Accurate

Be Fair

Have the last word  (est. time 60 minutes total)


  1. Jack Piller

    They way that science, engineering, and math are taught right now in schools putting art in the mix would throw off the balance that has already been created. Yes, art can be beneficial in society but it is not needed to in stem. A well respected musician Yo-Yo Ma has spoken out about this topic and had this to say, “The values behind arts integration- collaboration, flexible thinking, and disciplined imagination- lead to the capacity to innovate”. I don’t think that art really does all of that. Science, engineering, and math are able to provide all those things, so there is not need for art to be introduced to stem.

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