Blog #11

I want you to take your annotations to the next level. Please post legible images of three to five pages from your reading by Jonah Lehrer. I want to see evidence that you are marking for reasons listed below.

Remember to practice marking the text to retain, understand, discover, challenge, and connect. 

  1. Imagine you are in a conversation. (Read the situation before you dive in.)
  2. Identify and look up words you do not know.
  3. React with your pencil. Elaborate on what interests you and why. Elaborate on what angers you and why.
  4. Ask questions. Be curious and critical. (Why? What about this?)
  5. Make connections (to self, text, and world) and write them down in the margins.
  6. Note key ideas. Underline and rewrite them in your own words.


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