Blog #7

Print, read, and annotate “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education” By Yo-Yo Ma (Please bring to class on Thursday)

Please upload at least 3-5 pages of your annotations to your Blog #7 and briefly reflect on how you feel you are achieving your annotation goals. (15-25 words)

Next, revisit your notes on active reading and understanding context and do your best to describe each of the three contexts we’ve discussed in class.

1) What is the surrounding context for this essay? Where and when was it first published? Who wrote the essay, and what do you notice about the author’s bio?

2) What is the circumstantial context? What circumstances surround your personal reading experience? What is your purpose for reading this text?

3) Describe the intentional context. What is the rhetorical situation? What is the scope? What is the “so what?”

Finally, please choose three unfamiliar words or references to gloss. Define or explain those terms in your blog.