Calendar- Section 2

Free Draft: October 23

Interview About Beauty: October 30

Formal Draft: November 6


Section 2: Blowing off STEAM?


October 11 (Thursday)

  • Group Discussion Yo-Yo Ma’s essay (Content)
    • Headings, and prepared questions

For Saturday (midnight):

  • Read Chapter 6 From They Say/I Say “Skeptics May Object” (p 78- 90)
  • Blog #10: For this blog, we are going to practice reading against the grain. Imagine that you think teaching the arts lumped in with science, engineering, and math is an inefficient and/or unrealistic idea, and you are writing a paper that argues just that.
  • For your paper, you need a NAYSAYER to strengthen your argument, and Yo-Yo Ma is your guy. You are going to use him to draft a Naysayer paragraph. Use the advice from your They Say/I Say reading as a guide. Remember, these blogs count as preliminary writing. Don’t sweat perfecting your sentences. Do your best, and make these assignments work toward your learning.
  • Remember the naysayer rules:
  1. Be Accurate
  2. Be Fair
  3. Have the last word  (est. time 60 minutes total)
  • For next class:
    • Please leave a thoughtful comment on your peers’ blogs. Point out any inaccuracies or unfairness. Point out and celebrate your peers’ successes. Consider suggesting any strategies your peer may have missed from our reading. (est. time 30 minutes)
    • Print, read, and annotate “The future of science is…art?” By Jonah Lehrer.
    • Blog #11: I want you to take your annotations to the next level. Please post legible images of three to five pages from your reading by Jonah Lehrer. I want to see evidence that you are marking for reasons listed below.
      • Remember to practice marking the text to retain, understand, discover, challenge, and connect. 
        1. Imagine you are in a conversation. (Read the situation before you dive in.)
        2. Identify and look up words you do not know.
        3. React with your pencil. Elaborate on what interests you and why. Elaborate on what angers you and why.
        4. Ask questions. Be curious and critical. (Why? What about this?)
        5. Make connections (to self, text, and world) and write them down in the margins.
        6. Note key ideas. Underline and rewrite them in your own words.

Week 8—Fairly Representing

October 16 (Tuesday)

  • Discuss Lehrer Small Group/Large Group
  • Small Group Glossing and Discussion
  • Prompt 2
  • For next class:

October 18 (Thursday)

  • First Five Minutes: The Power of Belief
  • Discuss: “We Must Protect U.S. Investment in Scientific Knowledge”
  • Look over comments on Paper 1
  • For next class:
    • Free Draft Due (Don’t panic! Remember Lamott!)

Week 9—Peer Review

October 23 (Tuesday)

  • Grammar 101—take suggestions
  • Free Draft Due!
  • Peer Review Review
  • Peer Review in class
  • For next class (Consider this week a crash course on time-management):
    • Finish Peer Review Notes.  Don’t forget your 150 word note! Please make sure that you do your best. Your Peer Review Grade for this round will be largely based on your fulfilling the Peer Review Assignment requirements on each peer review.
      • Don’t forget to download your stronger peer reviews for future use in your ePortfolio.
    • Prepare for Conferences.
      • Please arrive with your working draft plus a sheet of paper with the following items:
        • Your goal for our meeting. Please be as specific as possible.
        • 2-3 specific questions or areas of focus on which you would like us to direct our attention.
    • Finish your Beauty Podcast (“Due” October 30, although we will not begin presentations until November 1)
      • Please visit Digispace before asking any tech-related questions.
    • Please read any chapter (your choice!) from They Say/I Say.
    • Blog #13: Describe your choice chapter and why you chose to read this particular chapter. Articulate what you found most helpful in the chapter and make a revision based on this insight. Finally, post evidence of your revision (before and after, if possible).  (Due Thursday, November 1)

October 25 (Thursday)

  • Conferences.
  • For Saturday:
    • See above.

Week 10—Multimodal Composition

October 30 (Tuesday)

  • Conferences.
  • See above.

November 1 (Thursday)

  • Academic Title 101 (and other silliness)
  • Works Cited 2.0
  • Revision Exercise Extra Credit
  • Begin “What is Beauty” presentations
  • For next class:
    • Paper 2 Due

November 6 (Tuesday)

    • Formal Draft 2 Due!
    • Share “What is Beauty” presentations
    • For next class:
      • Print, Read, And Annotate “La Bella Vita” by John Armstrong
        • Paper 3 Due (Free Draft): November 15th
          Paper 3 Due (Final Draft): November 29th
      • Photograph annotations if you plan to showcase this round in your ePortfolio. Please bring a physical copy of your annotations to class. (worth 3 homework points)
      • Blog #14: (200-300 words) Explore Armstrong’s statement, “To regard beauty as a luxury adornment or a social signifier was to miss the true potential of the experience.” Expand on this comment. How do you view beauty? How do you feel that your community* views beauty? Choose at least one other quote from Armstrong’s essay to integrate into your writing as you consider all that Armstrong’s statement implies.
        • *Please feel free to select “a community” of your choice. For example, you could work with American mainstream society, UNE, or your major’s department.