Establish your ePortfolio Assignment

*2 Points-Appearance *3 Points-About Me Page *3 Points-First Blog Post *1 Point – Post link   Your ePortfolio will provide a place for you to showcase your evolving work and to interact with your peers as they showcase theirs. The digital space will most certainly provide you with other opportunities for learning as we will … [Read more…]

Blog #18

Revision Strategy. I would like you to take some minutes and reflect on your peer review experience. Return to your peer’s notes. Flip through your own. Now is the time to develop a strategy. Your strategy is the plan of action you will take to achieve your overall aim ( Your strategy should include: Your goal (or goals), articulated in … [Read more…]

Blog #17

Blog #17 PART 1: Begin to brainstorm how you plan to incorporate other media into your final essay. (200-300 words) Include links and/or descriptions of media that you hope to use in your final essay and describe how these choices will work with your alphabetic text to better communicate your overall idea. Finally, attempt to … [Read more…]

Blog #15

Select and read an article/essay on beauty from a science-based periodical.  Introduce and briefly summarize the article. Begin to brainstorm how you plan to incorporate this text into your argument. Next, choose 2 presentations that you hope to work with and briefly explain why. Did a presentation lend you a fresh perspective? Challenge your thinking? … [Read more…]

Blog #16

Choose to either: Complete a working outline with a complete and thorough thesis and complete claim sentences. I would also like you to include references to the actual quotes you plan to use as you develop your argument -or- Free write/Brainstorm. Narrow the prompt to a question that you can use to develop a thesis. … [Read more…]

Blog #14

Print, Read, And Annotate “La Bella Vita” by John Armstrong Photograph annotations if you plan to showcase this round in your ePortfolio. Please bring a physical copy of your annotations to class. (worth 3 homework points) (200-300 words) Explore Armstrong’s statement, “To regard beauty as a luxury adornment or a social signifier was to miss the true potential … [Read more…]

Blog #13

Please read any chapter (your choice!) from They Say/I Say. Identify and describe your chapter of choice and the reason why you chose this chapter. Articulate what you found most helpful in the chapter and make a revision based on this insight. Finally, post evidence of your revision (before and after, if possible).  (Due Thursday, … [Read more…]

Blog #12

Print, Read, and Annotate “We Must Protect U.S. Investment in Scientific Knowledge” by Mark B. Boslough (Remember to record these annotations. You may need them in your final portfolio.) Blog #12: After reading the prompt, practice forming a Barclay paragraph (+BarclaysFormulaRevisedFromCrippsv2.docx) connecting a quote from Boslough with a quote from either Jonah Lehrer or Yo Yo Ma.

Blog #11

I want you to take your annotations to the next level. Please post legible images of three to five pages from your reading by Jonah Lehrer. I want to see evidence that you are marking for reasons listed below. Remember to practice marking the text to retain, understand, discover, challenge, and connect.  Imagine you are … [Read more…]