Blog #16

Choose to either: Complete a working outline with a complete and thorough thesis and complete claim sentences. I would also like you to include references to the actual quotes you plan to use as you develop your argument -or- Free write/Brainstorm. Narrow the prompt to a question that you can use to develop a thesis. … [Read more…]

Blog #14

Print, Read, And Annotate “La Bella Vita” by John Armstrong Photograph annotations if you plan to showcase this round in your ePortfolio. Please bring a physical copy of your annotations to class. (worth 3 homework points) (200-300 words) Explore Armstrong’s statement, “To regard beauty as a luxury adornment or a social signifier was to miss the true potential … [Read more…]

Blog #13

Please read any chapter (your choice!) from They Say/I Say. Identify and describe your chapter of choice and the reason why you chose this chapter. Articulate what you found most helpful in the chapter and make a revision based on this insight. Finally, post evidence of your revision (before and after, if possible).  (Due Thursday, … [Read more…]

Blog #12

Print, Read, and Annotate “We Must Protect U.S. Investment in Scientific Knowledge” by Mark B. Boslough (Remember to record these annotations. You may need them in your final portfolio.) Blog #12: After reading the prompt, practice forming a Barclay paragraph (+BarclaysFormulaRevisedFromCrippsv2.docx) connecting a quote from Boslough with a quote from either Jonah Lehrer or Yo Yo Ma.

Blog #11

I want you to take your annotations to the next level. Please post legible images of three to five pages from your reading by Jonah Lehrer. I want to see evidence that you are marking for reasons listed below. Remember to practice marking the text to retain, understand, discover, challenge, and connect.  Imagine you are … [Read more…]

Blog #10

Read Chapter 6 From They Say/I Say “Skeptics May Object” (p 78- 90) Listen to the audio, here: Or here: Blog #10: For this blog, we are going to practice reading against the grain. Imagine that you think teaching the arts lumped in with science, engineering, and math is an inefficient and/or unrealistic idea, and you are writing … [Read more…]

Blog #9

Print, read, and annotate “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education” By Yo Yo Ma (Please bring to class on Thursday) Revisit your notes on active reading and understanding context and do your best to describe each of the three contexts we’ve discussed in class. 1) What is the surrounding context for this essay? Where and when was … [Read more…]

Blog #8

Read They Say/I Say “The Art of Quoting” pages 42-50. Return to your paper in progress and revise at least two quotes based on the advice in They Say/ I Say on how to frame every quotation. Add, swap, or alter your existing quotes so that your choice citation is more relevant and powerful in the context of your argument. Post your changes below.

Blog #6

Part 1: After reading Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts” (est. time: 15 minutes), take a minute to compare and contrast your own first draft (and the experience of writing it) with Lamott’s descriptions. What did you notice? Did anything surprise you about this short essay? Did anything offend you?     Part 2: At the … [Read more…]

Blog #7

Blog #7: Read W-4 (Developing Paragraphs) in Little Seagull pages 17-29. This section presents strategies for (a) tightening an unfocused paragraph, (b) developing a claim and overall argument, and (c) smoothing out choppy or incoherent sentences. Please revise (or completely rewrite) two paragraphs based on your reading. Please document and share these changes along with the sections in … [Read more…]