Blog #5

Blog #5 (50 words): As counter-intuitive as it may seem, it’s possible to receive a large amount of insight into your own work as you read and attempt to improve on the work of others. Please write some sentences (around 50 words) about something you learned from this first very important stage of peer review.

Stakes and The Introductory Paragraph

  There is a distinct difference between “suspense” and “surprise,” and yet many pictures continually confuse the two. I’ll explain what I mean. We are now having a very innocent little chat. Let’s suppose that there is a bomb underneath this table between us. Nothing happens, and then all of a sudden, “Boom!” There is … [Read more…]

Blog #3

Free write (30 minutes): What are the limits of the art discussed in your choice TED talk? What is the power of the art discussed in your TED talk?

Blog #4

Blog #4: Using one of the strategies discussed in your reading (Emerging), begin to brainstorm the connections between your choice TED talk and Rhys Southan’s “Is Art a Waste of Time?” Remember, this can be messy. That’s okay! Feel free to doodle, scratch things out, write upside down. Post an image of your brainstorming session into your blog. … [Read more…]

Blog #2

Before rereading Southan’s essay, visit the Effective Altruism website: and spend some time looking around. Notice how you react to the website. Think: does this visit influence how you think about Southan’s essay? How? Now, reread Southan’s essay. Use a different color pen or pencil to layer your active reading notes, one on the other. For … [Read more…]

Blog #1

Please post an image of your annotated text into your blog. While you should photograph every page of your annotation, you need only post 2-3 pages into your blog. Please make sure that you save these images, as you may choose to showcase your annotations in your final Portfolio.   2.  After you have read and marked … [Read more…]

Establish your Blog Assignment

*2 Due: Next class Worth: 5 homework points Points-Appearance *2 Points-About Me Page *3 Points-First Blog Post *1 Point – Post link on time Your blog will provide you with the hands-on opportunity to explore multimodal composition. Here, you can integrate image, sound, video, and links into your written text. I encourage you to take … [Read more…]

Some Thoughts on Active Reading

  Just as there are many types of text, there are many ways to read. Often something as simple as a publication’s format can provide a context that instructs a reader on the best approach. While we could read Entertainment Weekly in a chaotic waiting room, we would most likely prefer a quieter spot for … [Read more…]

Blog #16

Post a picture of your Favorite Strategies Sheet and write a 200-300 word framing statement discussing your favorite revision strategies. Have you found any of these strategies useful outside of ENG 110? If so, elaborate. If not, how do you plan to use the skills you have learned in this class on future papers outside … [Read more…]

Blog #15

Revision Plan Assignment I would like you to take some minutes and reflect on your peer review experience. Return to your peer’s notes. Flip through your own. Now is the time to develop a strategy. Your strategy is the plan of action you will take to achieve your overall aim ( Your strategy should include: Your goal (or … [Read more…]