Eng 110 H6


Our Class Roster

Kyle Brennan

Maleigh Cito

Caleb Cyr

Lucas deMay

Ryan Dussault

Kacie Flahive

Sydney Kane

Jack Lamont

Amanda Leonard

Paige Mason

Mary Philbrick

Kat Phillips

Sammi Roche

Glenn Rose

Mike Steminsky

Sara Trancedi

Suki Ulrich

Alexander Williams


EPortfolio Clusters


  • Kyle Brennan, Maleigh Cito, Caleb Cyr, Lucas deMay
  • Ryan Dussault, Sydney Kane, Jack Lamont, Amanda Leonard
  • Paige Mason, Mary Philbrick, Katherine Phillips
  • Sammi Roche, Glenn Rose, Mike Steminsky, Sara Trancedi
  • Suki Ulrich, Alexander Williams, Kacie Flahive


Welcome! With this class you officially enter a conversation between scholars, writers, and readers. Your individuality and voice qualify you to enter this dialogue. Your ability to notice, to engage a text, to organize and articulate your thoughts, and to interrogate those thoughts will empower that voice.

Through Peer Review, we will engage, encourage, and challenge one another. Our classroom will serve as a living, real-time microcosm for this greater dialogue. We will read and write in earnest, and as we learn to read actively, the line between reading and writing will blur. We will often engage in group discussion. When we connect—with a text or with each other—we learn.

This class will cover the reading and writing skills necessary for a thriving student experience. We will engage all parts of the academic writing process: active reading, brainstorming, research, outlining, “first” drafts, and revision. Students should leave this class confident in their ability to read and notice, to express their own thoughts, and to integrate these thoughts with outside texts. Writing can and should be a conscious and productive process that will serve every student throughout his or her college experience and beyond.