Finishing your ePortfolio

 As we wrap things up here in ENG 110, I’d like you to gather what’s missing, polish what’s rough, and continue to assess how far you’ve come. Your ePortfolio is worth 15% of your grade. I strongly encourage you to double check your ePortfolio for completeness and quality of work.


  1. An “About Me” page. This is your chance to revise. As you polish this page, consider that you might want to refer a future professor or employer to this site. Your About Me page may include your major, your interests, and philosophy on learning.


  1. Your “Let’s Talk About Art” Project.


  1. Your first and final drafts of your Entry Prompt. These are the drafts you wrote at the very beginning of the semester on the purpose of higher education. You may create a page that contains both drafts (marked clearly) or two separate pages.


  1. First and Final Draft of One Significant Writing Project. If you have not posted these drafts already, now is a good time to select the writing project that you feel best showcases your revision process. Remember: You will focus more on the changes that you made—not the final product. Please create one page with both drafts (clearly marked) or two separate pages.


  1. Marked First Draft of One Peer’s Paper. This page will include your peer draft with comments. Please do your best to obscure your peer’s name. Your four part framing letter should link to this page (see next).


  1. Your Four-Part Framing Letter. This is a very important part of ePortfolio, as your framing letter provides you with the opportunity to showcase your hard work and the learning that you, through your hard work, have achieved.


  1. Connecting outside of ENG 110. Your formal draft of Blog #16 should include a picture of your Favorite Revision Strategies Sheet and a polished, revised version of your 200-300 word framing statement discussing your favorite revision strategies and how you plan to use these strategies to draft papers outside of English Composition. Please remember to provide a thoughtful and specific reflection on how you can use (or have used) these strategies in other projects.


Some Final Notes:

Please double-check that all of your links and media work correctly, and check in with your ePortfolio buddy to make sure that their links are working well, too. Please do this before the deadline, as I will not have the opportunity to chase you down if something is not missing or working.