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Suki Ullrich

Adding on to the idea of “laziness” in young adults, another con could be that young adults might not have enough time left to achieve all of their goals, even if they wanted to. They might fail to reach their maximum potential (once they’ve finally decided what to do with their lives) all because society encouraged them to pursue too many interests at once. It could distract/hinder them from pursuing the life “purpose” that King describes throughout his essay.

Another con to consider might be that society would require additional funding if policymakers decided to provide new accommodations for “emerging adults.” Those funds would have to come from somewhere (possibly from people of a certain age group or socioeconomic class?). Ultimately, someone would have to pay for the new support/benefits. (This relates to Henig’s concern that parents nowadays are held financially responsible for their children for too long after they’ve reached adulthood. What if the parents are the ones who end up funding the new accommodations for “emerging adults”?)