What Makes Good Writing Good?

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      Ryan Dussault

      Depending on the purpose of the piece, it make take different aspects to make it “good writing.” For a narrative, the story needs to have an interesting plot, where for a informative piece, it needs to be a strong source of information. No matter what the piece is, it needs to be worth the readers time to read. If it is intended to entertain, then it needs to entertain the reader; if it is intended to inform, then it needs to inform the reader.

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      Elisha M Emerson

      Yes. This is interesting. I do think that context can play a big role in what makes something good. Why do you think that is? I suppose it may have something to do with setting expectations. It makes me think, on a smaller level, about the expectations we as writers will set in our own essays–both the importance of setting them and the importance of making them.

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