Important Dates

Entry Prompt Due: September 6

Readings: “Is it OK to make art?” by Rhys Southan and your choice TED talk:
1) “Can art amend history?” by Titus Kaphar
2) “How painting can transform communities” by Haas and Hahn
5) “The Transformative Power of Classical Music” by Benjamin Zander

Paper 1 Free Draft Due : September 25th
Paper 1 Formal Due :October 9th

Readings: “Yo-YoMaNecessaryEdges” by Yo-Yo Ma, “The Future of Science…Is Art?” by Jonah Lehrer, “We Must Protect U.S. Investment in Scientific Knowledge” by Mark B. Boslough.

Paper 2 Due (Free Draft): October 23rd
Paper 2 Due (Final Draft): November 6th

Readings: Your Choice Essay/Article about Beauty from a Science-based publication
“Can Beauty Help us Become Better People?” by John Armstrong

At least two peer interviews on beauty


Paper 3 Due (Free Draft): November 15th
Paper 3 Due (Final Draft): November 29th

ePortfolio Due: December 6th