Peer Review Assignment

Peer Review Assignment

Strive to make at least 2-3 comments on every page.

Make sure you cover all of your bases. As you read and comment on your peer’s texts, please comment on all of the following at least once:

  • Ideas—
    • Is the thesis clear and specific? Could you suggest something that would make it stronger?
    • Claims in paragraphs—Are the claim sentences identifiable? Do they advance the argument and relate to the thesis?
    • Relationships between ideas—What do you think about the ideas the author has proposed? Are they leaving something out? Could you help them?
  • Evidence—
    • Suggest a quote or an example that could help support someone’s claim
    • Does the text clearly explain the relationship between the claim and the evidence they are using to support it?
  • Organization—
    • Maybe a sentence should move. Maybe an entire paragraph should be cut. How do you think the paper flows?

When you point out a choice that you think works well, please articulate why you think that choice works well.

Ask the text at least one question. Is there a hole in the argument? Is there room for specifics? Do you want the writer to explain a line of reasoning you don’t quite understand?

Write your 150 word note. This note provides you an opportunity to summarize lasting impressions or to articulate what you think the writer should prioritize when revising the text. What is the paper’s purpose? How do you think the paper can better achieve it?

If you spot a pattern of surface error (i.e. comma splices, noun verb agreement, “floating pointers”) mention it in your 150 word note.

REMEMBER: Please make sure that you download and save at least one peer review to your computer for your ePortfolio.