Section 2 (February-March)

Yo-Yo Ma’s “Necessary Edges

Jonah Lehrer’s “The Future of Science…Is Art?

Steven Pinker’s “ScienceIsNotYourEnemy”  (Link to the original here)


Paper 2 Due (Free Draft): March 19

Paper 2 Due (Formal Draft) March 28

Week 7—Driving Responsibly

February 26th (Tuesday)

  • Group Discussion YoYo Ma’s essay (Content)
    • Headings, and prepared questions
  • “Skeptics May Object: Planting a Naysayer in Your Text” from They Say/I Say pages 78-90.
  • Naysayer—Voice your objections: Practice reading as a believer and as a doubter
  • For next class:
    • Print, read, and annotate “The Future of Science… Is Art?” by Jonah Lehrer
    • Blog #8:
    • Part 1) Post an image of at least 3-5 pages of your annotations
    • Part 2) Identify and summarize Jonah Lehrer’s main argument and free write for at least five minutes in response.
    • Part 3) Glossing the text remains an important part of your student reading experience. Please take time to understand all words or references you don’t recognize, but I would like you to look up and explain at least three from the list below:
  • Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
  • The bridging principle” (You may have to look at the text itself, for this definition.)
  • Reductionism
  • Synapse
  • Epiphenomenon
  • Holistic perspective

February 28 (Thursday)

  • Let’s talk Plagiarism
  • Discuss Jonah Lehrer-Small Group/Large Group
  • Small Group Glossing and Discussion
  • Break
  • What is Art? (Section E) (Section I)
  • Prompt Paper 2.
  • For next class:
    • Print, Read and Annotate Steven Pinker’s “ScienceIsNotYourEnemy
    • Steven Pinker Blog #9 Practice with Paragraphs
      • Write two Barclay paragraphs, one pairing Pinker with either Yo-Yo Ma or Lehrer, and the other pairing Pinker with a self-to-text, world-to-text “illustration.”
    • Please bring in Favorite Strategies Sheet. Make sure to have at least 3 items on your sheet

Week 8—Fairly Representing

March 5 (Tuesday)

  • Prompt 2
  • Discuss Pinker
  • Favorite Strategy check-in
  • Time Management 101 (Free Draft/ Narrative Project (Sample)/Spring Break)
    • Please post your finished product on your ePortfolio under your ENG 110 parent page in the menu. Please leave a brief description, including the name (or a nickname) of the person you interviewed.
  • Prepare for informal debate: Inviting arts into the scientific process will place us in a better position to solve the world’s biggest problems.
  • For Next Class
      • Blog post #10: Brainstorm Session: Choose your favorite brainstorming activity (“follow the thread,” clustering, columns, or free write) to help you decide on an angle you want to take when drafting this next paper. Please post evidence of this brainstorming activity into your post. If you have already decided what angle you want to argue, feel free to make an outline, including a tentative thesis statement and 3-4 strong claim sentences you plan to use in order to make your point.
      • Work on paper 2 and don’t forget your Narrative Project.


March 7 (Thursday)

  • Discuss all three.
  • Class Debate
  • For next class:
    • Free Draft Due
    • Don’t neglect your Narrative Assignment (due March 21st)

NO CLASS March 12th – 16th. Enjoy your Spring Break!

Week 9—Peer Review

March 19 (Tuesday)

  • Free Draft Due!
  • Talk Time Management
  • Sign up for Meeting
  • Peer Review
  • Peer Review in class
  • For next class(es):
    • Finish Peer Review Notes. Don’t forget your 150-word note! Please make sure that you do your best. Your Peer Review Grade for this round will be largely based on your fulfilling the Peer Review Assignment requirements on each peer review. Please post ONE finished peer review–including the 150 word note–on your site as a POST. (Due: Thursday)
    • Narrative Interview (Due: Sunday)
    • Prepare for Meeting with Professor by printing and filling this: Meeting Preparation Slip. Please bring completed form to meeting. (Due: Meeting time)
    • Blog #11–Read Chapter 8 in They Say/I Say “Connecting the Parts” (pg 105-120) –Complete exercise number 2 (at the end of the chapter). Post a screenshot or photo of your results on your blog and respond to each question. (Due: March 26)
    • Formal Paper Due: March 28!

March 21 (Thursday)

  • Narrative Project Due!
  • Meetings with Professor
  • For next class:
    • Blog #11–Read Chapter 8 in They Say/I Say “Connecting the Parts” (pg 105-120) –Complete exercise number 2 (at the end of the chapter). Post a screenshot or photo of your results on your blog and respond to each question. (Due: March 26.)


Week 10—Multimodal Composition

March 26 (Tuesday)

  • Meetings with Professor
  • For next class:
    • Formal Draft Paper 2 Due


March 28 (Thursday)

  • Comma
  • Formal Draft Due!
  • Presentations
  • Multimodal review and project (if not enough volunteers)
  • For next class:
    • Prompt is up! Feel free to read now. We will go over it in class after we read our sources.
    • Read “Life’s Stories” by Julie Beck
    • As always, please post 3-5 legible pages of your annotations. (Make ’em count!)
    • Blog #12: (200-300 words) Julie Beck covers a lot of ground as she explores narrative’s potentially powerful influence on our lives. Identify at least three notable assertions or other moments in Beck’s text that caused you to sit up straighter and take note. Explain what exactly caught your eye. Did you react as a believer or doubter? Did you build a connection between the text and the world or the text and your self?