Section 3 (March-May)

Week 10—Multimodal Composition


“Life’s Stories” by Julie Beck

“I am not a Story” by Galen Strawson


Multimodal Statement (Free Draft): April 9

Paper 3 Due (Free Draft): April 11

Paper 3 Due (Final Draft): April 23



March 28 (Thursday)

  • Comma
  • Formal Draft Due!
  • Presentations
  • Multimodal review and project (if not enough volunteers)
  • For next class:
    • Prompt is up! Feel free to read now. We will go over it in class after we read our sources.
    • Read “Life’s Stories” by Julie Beck
    • As always, please post 3-5 legible pages of your annotations. (Make ’em count!)
    • Blog #12: (200-300 words) Julie Beck covers a lot of ground as she explores narrative’s potentially powerful influence on our lives. Identify at least three notable assertions or other moments in Beck’s text that caused you to sit up straighter and take note. Explain what exactly caught your eye. Did you react as a believer or doubter? Did you build a connection between the text and the world or the text and your self?

Week 11—Multimodal Composition

April 2 (Tuesday)

  • For next class:
    • Print, Read, and Annotate “I am not a Story” by Galen Strawson
    • Please post 3-5 pages of your annotations
    • Blog #13: Set a timer for 15 minutes and free write your response to Galen’s argument. Note specific moments in his essay as you respond. Some things to consider: Have you ever felt impeded by your “life story?” If so, how? Do you feel like it’s truthful or possible to perceive your self as a singular self or can you relate when Galen talks about possessing many selves?

April 4 (Thursday)

  • First Five Minutes: Image
  • Prompt 3—Brainstorm Possibilities
  • Galen Strawson—small/large group discussion
  • Multimodal discussion
  • For next class:
    • Draft: Multimodal Statement. This includes how you plan to incorporate other media into your final essay. Include links and/or descriptions of media that you hope to use in your final essay and describe how these choices will work with your alphabetic text to better communicate your overall idea. 

Week 12— That Moveable Draft

April 9 (Tuesday)

  • Growth Mindset
  • Choosing Claims, Build an outline—class activity
  • Peer Review Outline and Multimodal Statement.
  • Return Papers–Generalizing Feedback
  • For Next Class
    • Free Draft Due! (In Google Docs or Word Document)

April 11 (Thursday)

  • First Five Minutes: Check-in. What surface error topics or global error hang-ups would you like revisit? What is working for you? What makes it more difficult for you to learn?
  • How to Write a Homerun Title 
  • Free Draft Due. Exchange with Peer Groups!
  • Peer Review
  • For next class:
      • Finish peer reviews. Choose your favorite peer review from this round to post on your ePortfolio. Please remember to block out your peer’s name. I will base your final participation grade on this peer review and your 150-word comment.
      • Blog #14: Revision Strategy. I would like you to take some minutes and reflect on your peer review experience. Return to your peer’s notes. Flip through your own. Now is the time to develop a strategyYour strategy is the plan of action you will take to achieve your overall aim ( Your strategy should include:
  1. Your goal (or goals), articulated in your own words
  2. The steps you plan to take to achieve this goal (in order of priority)
  3. What you see as your biggest challenge
  4. And what will you do if a challenge comes up that proves too difficult for you to solve on your own? In other words, what resources do you plan to use?

You may share your strategy using video, audio, or written communication.

Please note that written strategies should be between 200-300 words long. Audio and video strategies should last at least 3 minutes.


Week 13— Looping Back

April 16 (Tuesday)

  • Free Write: When I think about my thesis, I identify the following potential holes in my argument.
  • In-text citations (Printed vs. Digital) Trusted Source: OWL Purdue
  • Claim Sentence Exercise
  • Grade a paper
    • For next class:
      • Blog #15: After perusing the chapters from They Say/ I Say, choose one to read. Try to base your choice on a problem area that you would like to address. For your blog post, please summarize your choice chapter and explain why you chose to read it. Finally, please put what you learned to work in your revision. Explain what you changed and the impact that it had on your ongoing paper.
      • Bring completed copy of Favorite Revision Strategy sheet to class on Thursday
      • Bring Little Seagull to class on Thursday
      • Don’t forget that Paper 3 is due in one week (Along with the final Multimodal Statement)

April 18 (Thursday)

  • Free Write: (A challenge) Summarize your favorite movie in one paragraph.
  • Beware Nominalizations 
  • Read Klinkinborg—Wordiness Class Exercise
  • Introductory Summary (A Class Exercise)
  • Favorite revision strategies review and discussion. What is transferrable?
  • Connecting outside of class prompt
  • MLA formatting exercise
  • Vote for next class.
  • For next class: Formal Paper 3 Due with Multimodal Statement

Week 14—Wrapping it up

 April 23 (Tuesday)

  • Paper 3 Due along with Multimodal Statement
  • Free Write: The UNE English Department Handbook states that the “humanities liberate the disciplines.” – What do you think this means? Consider the skills/learning objectives you realized in this humanities classroom and reflect on what the quote means for your discipline.
  • ePortfolio Assignment
    • Read and annotate
  • How to organize
  • For next class:
    • Begin to gather your evidence and complete a free draft of number 3.


April 25 (Thursday)

  • Free Write: It’s time to take stock. Let’s practice making claims and supporting those claims with evidence. (i.e. This semester I learned such and such…) Don’t feel like you must stick with facts and/or strategies. I’m sure you’ve learned a lot of things inside and outside of the classroom.
  • Self-Evaluations:
  • Peer Review ePortfolio work
  • Last 10-15 minutes of class check-in/Opportunity for extra credit: taking volunteers
  • For next class:
    • Work toward completing Portfolios. Visit Digispace, if necessary.

Week 15—Fin.

April 30 (Tuesday)

  • ePortfolio work/Evaluate a “Buddy”
  • Continue to work on ePortfolios
  • Work time (Option for podcast Invisibilia “The Stories We Tell”)
  • For next class
    • Finalize ePortfolios. Due on Thursday!

May 1 (Thursday)

  • Last Class!
  • Hand in ePortfolios
  • Class Discussion/Reflection.
  • Leave your postcard.