Calendar – Section 2

Section 2

Readings: Paper 2 Due (Free Draft): October 14

Paper 2 Due (Formal Draft) October 21

Narrative Project Due: October 7 


“Life’s Stories” by Julie Beck

“I am not a Story” by Galen Strawson


September 27 (Friday)

    • Formal Paper 1 Due Today!
    • Free Write: Narrative
    • Interview about Narrative Project (Partners!)
    • For next Class
      • Read “Life’s Stories” by Julie Beck
      • As always, please post 3-5 legible pages of your annotations. (Make ’em count!)
      • Blog #8: (200-300 words) Julie Beck covers a lot of ground as she explores narrative’s potentially powerful influence on our lives. Identify at least three notable assertions or other moments in Beck’s text that caused you to sit up straighter and take note. Explain what exactly caught your eye. Did you react as a believer or doubter? Did you build a connection between the text and the world or the text and your self?


Week 6—Driving Responsibly

September 30 (Monday)

  • Free Write: Blog Peer Work
  • Beck: Small group/ Large group class discussion
  • Quote Sandwhich Exercise: How to Use Quotes as Evidence–Beck
  • Blog work: How has your opinion changed?
  • For next class:
    • Work on Narrative Project
    • Please Bring a Copy of your They Say/I Say textbook to class on Friday
    • Print, Read, and Annotate “I am not a Story” by Galen Strawson
    • Please post 3-5 pages of your annotations
    • Blog #9: Set a timer for 15 minutes and free write your response to Galen’s argument. Note specific moments in his essay as you respond. Some things to consider: Have you ever felt impeded by your “life story?” If so, how? Do you feel like it’s truthful or possible to perceive your self as a singular self or can you relate when Galen talks about possessing many selves?

October 2 (Wednesday)

  • Free Write: 
  • Galen Strawson Small/Large Group Conversation
  • Quote Sandwhich
  • Prompt 2
  • For next class:
    • Choose either Strawson or Beck to reread. As you practiced with Erard, use a different color pen or pencil to layer your active reading notes, one on the other.
    • Post an IMAGE of your layered annotations. Please make sure that the different reading experiences are obvious to the viewer via a different color so that you can get credit for having reread the essay.
    • Write Blog #10 (200-400 words) comparing your second reading experience with your first. Did you notice something new? Did you react differently to one of the author’s claims? Did you read something critically when, at first, you read it as a believer or vice versa? Continue to “clear the fog.” Look up at least two more terms or references that you don’t know.
    • Continue to work on Narrative Project


October 4 (Friday)


Week 7—1+1= Infinity?

October 7 (Monday)

  • Interview Projects—Make sure to take notes.
  • Paper Grades
  • For next class:
    • Please bring your Little Seagull to class 
    • Print, read, and annotate: BarriosConnectingandArgument
      • Begin with “Reading Arguments” and end with “Writing an Argument” 
      • Please bring your annotated copy to class. There is NO NEED to post images of your annotations. We will work with your copy in class.
    • Blog # 11: Revisit the Barclay Paragraph: Write a Barclay paragraph that connects a quote from one Narrative Project with one of our assigned essays (Beck or Strawson).
    • If you choose NOT to share your Narrative Project, please complete the following assignment by Friday: Alternative Narrative Assignment.


October 9 (Wednesday)

  • Free Write: Revisit your annotations on both Beck and Strawson. Make two columns–one for each essay. Under each column, make a list that includes ideas, connections, and/or observations that interest you from that side of the conversation.
    •  Draw connections
  • Finish Interviews
  • Little Seagull Thesis/Moving Outline workshop (When We Use the Term Argument)
  • For next class:
    • Paper 2 Free Draft Due as a Google Document.
    • If you plan to complete an Alternative to Presenting Reflection, please get this to me by Friday. Thanks! 🙂

October 11 (Friday)

  • No class!


Week 8—One-on-One

October 14 (Monday)

  • Peer Review with a twist!
  • For Wednesday:
    • Complete Peer Review Marginal Comments and End Notes.  Post Peer Review #2 (You only need to select your strongest peer review from this round)
    • Blog #12:
    • Revision Strategy. I would like you to take some minutes and reflect on your peer review experience. Return to your peer’s notes. Flip through your own. Now is the time to develop a strategyYour strategy is the plan of action you will take to achieve your overall aim ( Your strategy should include:
  1. Revisit the grading rubric as well as my notes on your last paper. What new skills are you working to incorporate into your new paper?
  2. What are your revision goals, articulated in your own words?
  3. List the steps you plan to take to achieve these goals (in order of priority)
  4. What you see as your biggest challenge?
  5. And what will you do if a challenge comes up that proves too difficult for you to solve on your own? In other words, what resources do you plan to use?

You may share your strategy using video, audio, or written communication.

Please note that written strategies should be between 200-300 words long. Audio and video strategies should last at least 3 minutes.

October 16 (Wednesday)

  • Meetings with Professor (Make sure that you complete your Meeting Form)
  • Due Friday:
  • Blog #13 Read Chapter 8 in They Say/I Say “Connecting the Parts”–Complete exercise number 2 (at the end of the chapter). Post a screenshot or photo of your results on your blog and respond to each question. 


October 18 (Friday)

  • Meetings with Professor (Make sure that you complete your Meeting Form)
  • For next class:
    • Formal Draft Paper 2 Due