Calendar – Section 2

Week 7—Driving Responsibly

February 27 (Tuesday)

  • Formal Draft Paper 1 Due
  • Finish “What is Art?” Presentations
  • Grammar 101. Comma time.
  • Nominate Problematic Surface Errors to Address
  • They Say/I Say “The Art of Quoting” Review
  • Small group 2-3’s Write paragraph describing mythical place by made up person (made up bio): Climate, Flora and Fauna, Culture
  • Write brief travel review arguing for or against travelling to this place
  • Review Active Reading Strategies
  • For Next class:
    • Print, read, and annotate “Necessary Edges: Arts, Empathy, and Education” By Yo Yo Ma (Please bring to class on Thursday)
    • Blog #9: Revisit your notes on active reading and understanding context and do your best to describe each of the three contexts we’ve discussed in class. 1) What is the immediate context for this essay? Where and when was it first published? Who wrote the essay, and what do you notice about the author’s bio? 2) What is the imposed context? What circumstances surround your personal reading experience? What is your purpose for reading this text? 3) Describe the internal context. What is the rhetorical situation? What is the scope? What is the “so what?”Finally, please choose three unfamiliar words or references to gloss. Define or explain those terms in your blog.


March 1 (Thursday)

  • Group Discussion YoYo Ma’s essay (Content)
    • Headings, and prepared questions
  • “Skeptics May Object: Planting a Naysayer in Your Text” from They Say/I Say pages 78-90.
  • Naysayer—Voice your objections: Practice reading as a believer and as a doubter
  • For next class:
    • Print, read, and annotate “The Future of Science … Is Art?” by Jonah Lehrer
    • Blog #10:
    • Part 1) Identify and summarize Jonah Lehrer’s main argument and free write for at least five minutes in response.Part 2) Glossing the text remains an important part of your student reading experience. Please take time to understand all words or references you don’t recognize, but I would like you to look up and explain these, in particular:


  • Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
  • The bridging principle” (You may have to look at the text itself, for this definition.)
  • Reductionism
  • Synapse
  • Epiphenomenon
  • Holistic perspective
  • Metaphor


Part 3) Finally, choose one artist and one scientist from the essay to look up. Please briefly explain the role your artist and scientist plays in Lehrer’s essay.

Week 8—Fairly Representing

March 6 (Tuesday)

  • Let’s talk Plagiarism
  • Discuss Jonah Lehrer-Small Group/Large Group
  • Small Group Glossing and Discussion
  • Prepare for informal debate. Three groupsà 1) For Inviting Art into The Scientific Process. 2)For Inviting Art into the STEM Acronym–Teaching Arts as a partner of science, technology, engineering and math 3) For keeping arts and science separate
  • For next class:
    • Prepare for informal debate. Make claims and prepare supporting evidence. (Evidence = Quotes (worth 3 points!), Personal experience (2 points), Connections with the world (2 points).
    • Blog post #11: Prepare at least 2 claims that support your debate stance and list at least 2 items of supporting evidence
    • Please bring in Favorite Strategies Sheet. Make sure to have at least 3 items on your sheet
    • Don’t Forget: Work on Free Draft and “Let’s Talk About Art”


March 8 (Thursday)

  • Favorite Strategy check in
  • Art project check in—Presenting “Let’s Talk about Art”
  • Class debate
  • For next class:
    • Free Draft Due


NO CLASS March 12th – 16th. Enjoy your Spring Break!

Week 9—Peer Review

March 20 (Tuesday)

  • Free Draft Due!
  • Peer Review Review
  • Peer Review in class
  • What can go in the 150 word note?
  • For next class:
    • Finish Peer Review Notes. Don’t forget your 150 word note! Please make sure that you do your best. Your Peer Review Grade for this round will be largely based on your fulfilling the Peer Review Assignment requirements on each peer review.
    • Don’t forget to download your stronger peer reviews for future use in your ePortfolio.

March 22 (Thursday)

  • Finish Peer Review Discussion
  • Rhetorical Tools Review and Practice
  • For next class:
    • “Let’s Talk About Art” Due
    • Blog #11–Read Chapter 8 in They Say/I Say “Connecting the Parts” (pg 105-120) –Complete exercise number 2 (at the end of the chapter). Post a screenshot or photo of your results on your blog and respond to each question.


Week 10—Multimodal Composition

March 27 (Tuesday)

  • “Let’s Talk about Art” Due!
  • Share Projects
  • For next class:
    • (200-300 words) Choose 1-2 presentations that you especially enjoyed and explain what you appreciated about them. Did a presentation lend you a fresh perspective? Challenge your thinking? Inspire you? Please spend at least a couple sentences discussing your peer’s primary mode of communication and how this choice influenced the project’s overall effectiveness.Make sure to create a hyperlink to your peer’s presentation on your peer’s webpage.

March 29 (Thursday)

  • SECTION C: Instead of meeting for class, we will be meeting for one-on-one fifteen minute appointments

Section J

  • Wrap up Projects
  • Discuss Multimodal composition
  • Revision Exercise
  • For next class:
    • Formal Draft Paper 2 Due (Paper or Digital. Your choice.)