A Flexible September Calendar

 I will distribute detailed calendars on a month-by-month basis. This calendar takes us through to Paper 1. I have tried to leave most Friday classes flexible. These days will allow us to adapt and adjust with appropriate assignments and activities.

Final Draft Paper 1 Due: September 29 (Friday)

Week 1—Introductions

August 30 (Wednesday)

  • Introductions, Welcome to class
  • Syllabus
  • For next class:
    • Entry Prompt (Please bring 4-5 Copies to Class)
    • Practice sharing Entry Prompt as a Google Document


September 1 (Friday)

  • Start of Term Self-Assessment
  • “What Makes Good Writing Good?”
  • Active Reading Handout
  • For next class:
    • Read Robin Marantz Henig’s “What is it about 20-Somethings?” (pages 198-213 in Emerging) (Please refer to “Some thoughts on Active Reading”)
    • Complete Round 1 Questions for Henig Reading
    • Please Bring Active Reading Handout to Class


Week 2—Engaging Text

September 4 (Monday)



September 6 (Wednesday)

  • Peer Review Entry Prompt
  • Discuss Active Reading Strategies in light of Henig’s essay
  • For next class:
    • Final Draft Entry Prompt Due!
    • Choose one marked page of text to photocopy (20 copies) and bring to class

September 8 (Friday)

  • Final Draft Entry Prompt Due!
  • Discuss Active Reading Strategies
  • For next class:
    • Reread Henig’s essay utilizing some of the strategies discussed in class
    • Complete Round 2 Questions for Henig
    • Read “Thinking Critically” Emerging page 10-14

Week 3—The Changing Reality of the Text

September 11 (Monday)

September 13 (Wednesday)

  • Coming up with a Tentative Thesis
    • What’s in a thesis?
      • Plot, Coal, An argument has direction and speed
    • In-Class Thesis Exercise
  • Claims and Evidence
  • For next class:


September 15 (Friday)

  • Establishing Stakes and the Introductory Paragraph
  • Develop connections: text-to-text, text-to-self, and text-to-world
  • Workshop day—Chance to bring in papers and laptops.
  • For next class:
*Updated September 9, 2017


Week 4—Revision as Process

September 19 (Monday)

  • Paper 1 (“First” Draft) Due!
  • Peer Review Strategies—In Class Workshop
  • For next class:
    • Prepare Peer Review, Questions, and Comments
    • Please look out for your ePortfolio email
    • Please bring laptop to class


September 21 (Wednesday)

  • Peer Review
  • “Establish your ePortfolio” Assignment
  • For next class:
    • Read: Anne Lamott’s “Shitty First Drafts”
    • Read Peer Comments on your draft
    • Complete “Revision Plan Assignment” –Written, Video, or Audio


September 23 (Friday)

  • Global Revision vs. Local Revision
  • For next class:
    • Read W-4 (Developing Paragraphs) in Little Seagull
      • I’m of two minds about X’s claim that __________________. On the one hand, I agree that _________________. On the other hand, I’m not sure if __________________.
    • Or
      • Of course some might object that ________________. Although I concede that ________________, I still maintain that _________________.

Week 5—Writer as Driver

September 25 (Monday)

  • Writing as Recursive Process
  • For next class:
    • THEY SAY/I SAY P 42-50
    • R-4 (Integrating Sources, Avoiding Plagiarism) in Little Seagull
        • Integrate 2 new quotes into your essay. Please cut and paste into a document and bring a copy of your results.
    • Please bring copy of Working Paper 1 into class along with colored pencils, highlighters, or pens


September 27 (Wednesday)

  • Types of Writing and other Rhetorical Tools
  • General overview—-Marker exercise
  • For next class:
    • Paper 1 Due! (You have till midnight)
      • Vote: Peer Review or Not?
    • Bring Laptops!


September 29 (Friday)