November to December (A Calendar to End All Calendars)

A Flexible Calendar


Free Draft Paper 3 is due November 10

Formal Draft Paper 3 is due November 20 

Portfolios due on December 9


Week 9—Projects and Pivots


November 6 (Monday)

  • Suggestions/Last RoundCheck-in
  • Discuss Wasik—Round 1 Responses
  • Review: The Anatomy of an Essay
  • Sign up sheet (Podcasts–2 point bonus–homework)
  • For next class:
    • Bring in architectural draft for peer review (on index cards?)


November 8 (Wednesday)

  • Unnecessary Shift in Verb: Amanda, Maleigh, Paige
  • Commas in Compound Sentence: Sammi, Sarah, Caleb
  • Peer review architectural drafts—30 minutes tops
  • Listen to Interview with an Adult Podcasts
  • What we don’t finish here—we can finish another day.
  • Class Discussion: What is nuance? What is gray?
  • For Friday:
    • Free Draft Due
  • For Monday:
    • Prepare Last Peer Review (Push Yourself!)
    • Write a 200 word reaction to your peers’ podcasts and post on your ePortfolio. Reflect back on your first paper and how you perceived older generations. How do these podcasts capture the “messy reality?” How do they communicate the grayer shades in life? Finally, how can you get at this in your final paper?

Week 12—Writing as Revision


November 14 (Monday)

  • Finish Podcasts
  • Peer Review
  • For next class
      • Revision Strategy–Choose a favorite revision and/or drafting exercise and come prepared to discuss what it is and why.
      • Paper Revision Strategy

November 16 (Wednesday)

  • Podcasts
  • RE-Vision strategy workshop
  • For Friday:
    • Connecting outside of ENG 110 Homework
  • For Monday:
    • Paper 3 (Formal Draft) is due!


Week 13—Last Paper Due! Almost Done!


November 20 (Monday)

  • Formal Paper 3 Due!
  • Film as Text?
  • For next class:
    • Read “Why Academics Stink at Writing” by Steven Pinker
    • Finalize Learning Log.
        • Make sure that you provide evidence for every learning outcome. Use photos and links to documents.
        • Make sure to incorporate at least 1 text from another course.


No Class November 23rd-26th!


Week 14—Portfolios and Reflection


November 28 (Monday)

  • Portfolios—What are they?
  • For next class:
    • Decide on another class’s text to pull into conversation with Pinker
    • Work on Portfolios


November 30 (Wednesday)

  • November 30 (Wednesday)
    • Peer Review Work
    • ePortfolio—taking it to the next level (visit ePortfolios)
    • Tech Class, pictures, links, etc.
    • For Friday:
      • Take a photo or link to an example of what you consider to be bad published writing (academic or not) and please write 150 words reflecting on why it is bad. BONUS: 2 homework points—if you can properly incorporate a Steven Pinker quote. (Use the quote sandwhich.)
    • For Monday:
      • ePortfolios

Week 15—Portfolios and Tying Loose Ends


December 4 (Monday)

  • ePortfolio work/Evaluate a “Buddy”
  • Self-Evaluations
  • For next class
    • “Why My Writing Doesn’t Have to Stink” Essay due


December 6 (Wednesday)

  • Last Class!
  • “Why My Writing Doesn’t Have to Stink” Essay due
  • Class Discussion


December 8 (Friday)

  • Portfolios Due