October Calendar, Updated Oft

A Flexible Calendar

Free Draft Paper 2 is due October 13
Formal Draft Paper 2 is due October 27
Establish Eportfolio is due October 2
Interview with a Grown-up is due October 30

Learning Log Due October 16

*Last updated October 17

Week 6—Restak vs. Anderson

October 2 (Monday)

  • Introducing the Extra Effort Paper Bonus!
  • Establish ePortfolio Due–Please email me the link
  • Online Possibilites Forum
  • Learning Targets: In class goal and strategy-Grammar 101 Class
  • Layered Active Reading Exercise: Restak “Brain Deficit Disorder”
  • For next class:
    • Richard Restak’s “Brain Deficit Disorder” Emerging pages 235-239
    • Complete First Round Questions for Restak
    • Come in with one conversation prompt for the class. Perhaps Restak has raised your critical eyebrow. Can you form this criticism into a question? Maybe Restak makes a point you would like to explore using class discussion. Maybe you would like to ask your peers for help understanding a reference, relationship, or idea.

October 4 (Wednesday)

  • Class Grammar Time
  • Discuss Restak
  • Establish Eportfolio Due
  • Writing Prompt 2
  • Glossing the text for greater understanding
  • “Interview with an Adult” Assignment
  • For next class:
            • Read Sam Anderson’s “In Defense of Distraction”
            • Complete Round Questions for Anderson
            • Read Prompt 2 and use your favorite brainstorming technique (if you are coming up short, visit Emerging, pages 10-14 for some strategies for making connections) and begin to form connections between our two new texts. Post a picture of your “brainstorming session” results into your ePortfolio Blog and type a 150 word framing statement about the connections you are beginning to make. Email me a link.

          Visit your “ePortfolio clusters” and leave a comment on their pictures. Did one of your peers notice a connection you missed? Is there something you think they could/should look into as they continue to think about their paper?

October 6 (Friday)



Week 7—Driving Responsibly

October 9 (Monday)

  • Unnecessary or Missing Apostrophe-Bri, Bianca, Vanessa
    • Our ePortfolios leaving comments
    • “Interview with an Adult” Assignment
    • Collect Anderson questions—Discuss Anderson
    • Discuss Ideas and Evidence in Anderson and Restak (Small Groups)
    • Developing connections and using outlines to write—Writing Prompt
    • Hand back papers—Learning Log Assignment
    • For next class:
      • Complete an architectural draft
      • Revisit Henig or King with purpose
      • Work on Learning Log–Due Monday 16

October 11 (Wednesday)

  • Fused Sentence and/or Comma Splices: Shae, Elizabeth, Sydney
  • MLA update and Russian Dolls
  • Workshop Architectural Drafts
  • Expanding ideas and Generating words–TRIAC paragraph
  • For next class:
    • First Draft Paper 2 Due as Google Doc

October 13 (Friday)

  • First Draft Paper 2 Due Tonight
  • MLA Russian Dolls
  • ePortfolio update
  • Peer Review Refresher—what we have to learn
  • For next class:
    • Complete Peer Review and come to class ready to talk!
    • Learning Log Due

Week 8—Taking Temperature

October 16 (Monday)

  • Learning Log Due
  • Digispace/ePortfolio time
  • Peer Review
  • For Next Class
    • Read Klinkinborg Handout
      • Taking Klinkinborg into consideration, select a wordy paragraph or 5-8 of your own problematic sentences to rewrite. Post your results (before and after) as a blog post on ePortfolio.

October 18 (Wednesday)

  • Update on Interviews / Podcast Tutorial
  • Peer Review
  • Discuss Klinkinborg–Complete Wordy Writing Exercise
  • For next class:
    • Read They Say/ I Say 105-118.
      • We will be working with this reading in class (Reading Quiz!), so please come prepared (you can bring the book as a reference).
    • Complete Revision Strategy for paper 2 (200 words)–on ePortfolio
      • Feel free to reference (and link) to Learning Log
      • Make sure to highlight your goal and how you plan to achieve this goal. What do you find to be the most challenging?

October 20 (Friday)

  • Transitions–Reading Quiz
  • For next class:
    • Read They Say/I Say page 78-91 on planting a “Naysayer”
    • Using your TRIAC formula structure plant a “Naysayer” into your paper. If you already have a Naysayer in your text, use the templates to refine your Naysayer. Post on your ePortfolio.

Week 9—Projects and Pivots

October 23 (Monday)

  • Incomplete or missing documentation: Carolyn, Sydney
  • Wrong Word: Jacob, Ryan
  • Don’t be rude at the table
  • Naysaying
  • For next class:
    • Work on Podcast and Paper 2

October 25 (Wednesday)

  • Passive Writing vs. Active Writing: Haelin, Mitch
  • Unnecessary Shift in Verb Tense: Owen, Kevin, Anthony
  • Grading a Paper

October 27 (Friday)

  • Sentence Fragment: Brett, Matt
  • Paper 2 Due Final Draft
  • Prepare for Field Trip
  • Writing Prompt 3
  • For next class:
    • For next class
      • Read “My Crowd Experiment: The Mob Project” by Bill Wasik
      • Complete Wasik Questions Round 1
      • Interview Podcasts Due


October 30 (Monday)

  • Interview Podcasts Due
  • Library Field Trip
  • For next class:
    • Choose next essay. Complete Library exercise. Post on ePortfolio as post. Please make sure your peers can comment.