Blog #14

PART 1: Begin to brainstorm how you plan to incorporate other media into your final essay. Include links and/or descriptions of media that you hope to use in your final essay and describe how these choices will work with your alphabetic text to better communicate your overall idea. Finally, attempt to label each source and … [Read more…]

Blog #13

(200-300 words) Explore Armstrong’s statement, “To regard beauty as a luxury adornment or a social signifier was to miss the true potential of the experience.” Expand on this comment. How do you view beauty? How do you feel that society views beauty? Choose at least one other quote from Armstrong’s essay to integrate into your … [Read more…]

Blog #12

(200-300 words) Choose 1-2 presentations that you especially enjoyed and explain what you appreciated about them. Did a presentation lend you a fresh perspective? Challenge your thinking? Inspire you? Please spend at least a couple sentences discussing your peer’s primary mode of communication and how this choice influenced the project’s overall effectiveness. Make sure to … [Read more…]

Blog #11

Read Chapter 8 from They Say/I Say “Connecting the Parts” (pg 105-120) Complete exercise number 2 (at the end of the chapter). Post a screenshot or photo of your results on your blog and respond to each question.

Blog #10

Part 1) Identify and summarize Jonah Lehrer’s main argument and free write for at least five minutes in response. Part 2) Glossing the text remains an important part of your student reading experience. Please take time to understand all words or references you don’t recognize, but I would like you to look up and explain … [Read more…]

Blog #9

Revisit your notes on active reading and understanding context and do your best to describe each of the three contexts we’ve discussed in class. 1) What is the immediate context for this essay? Where and when was it first published? Who wrote the essay, and what do you notice about the author’s bio? 2) What … [Read more…]

Blog #8

Read They Say/I Say “The Art of Quoting” pages 42-50. Part 1: Return to your paper in progress and revise at least two quotes based on the advice in They Say/ I Say on how to frame every quotation. Part 2: Add, swap, or alter one of your existing quotes so that your choice citation … [Read more…]

Blog #7

Read W-4 (Developing Paragraphs) in Little Seagull pages 17-29. This section presents strategies for (a) tightening an unfocused paragraph, (b) developing a claim and overall argument, and (c) smoothing out choppy or incoherent sentences. Please revise (or completely rewrite) two paragraphs based on your reading. Please document and share these changes along with the sections in W-4 that … [Read more…]

Revision Strategy (Blog #6)

I would like you to take some minutes and reflect on your peer review experience. Return to your peer’s notes. Flip through your own. Now is the time to develop a strategy. Your strategy is the plan of action you will take to achieve your overall aim ( Your strategy should include: Your goal (or goals), articulated in … [Read more…]

Blog #5

Blog #5: Revisit the categories for comments listed on your Peer Review Assignment sheet—ideas, evidence, and organization. Next, revisit the comments you made on your peers’ papers. Please identify and type up a comment that you feel represents each category—three comments in all. After you have labeled your comments, elaborate on why you feel that … [Read more…]